Often the last to receive attention, kitchens and baths are the hardest working rooms in our homes.  Planning for efficiency while creating ambiance and beauty is a speciality of elements design.build, with finely crafted installations by Nemecek Custom Building.


~ Open Up

These home owners were frustrated by tiny rooms and an outdated awkward kitchen.  They could barely seat their family at the table or sit together in the cramped family room.   The solution was to combine spaces:  Dining Room with  Dinette, and  Living Room with  Family Room. This created a great room that is large enough to seat a dozen for supper, and a gathering space with enough room to watch a movie together.

This whole main floor renovation involved replacing structural walls with beams and posts. Plumbing, mechanical and electrical were all re-routed to the second floor through specially designed pillars and bulkheads.  It opened 4 small disfunctional rooms to create an open welcoming great room for this family of six and all their friends.

A misconception is that all dark colours make a space seem smaller, but the shadowy, deep brown walls and ceramic tile floors expand the rooms.   The Cabico kitchen can now accomodate several helpers, and better suits the style of the owners and their home.  The creamy wall cabinets are framed by a dark walls and backsplash.  The raised side of the island hides the inevitable stacks of dishes, and a round table fitted into the island serves quick breakfasts and acts as a  landing place for groceries and homework.  Magenta accents begin at the new front door.

(Please note, 'before' photos are in black & white.  Homeowner identities are blurred for privacy reasons.)

d-kit-1 d-kit-10 d-kit-11 d-kit-2 d-kit-3 d-kit-4 d-kit-5 d-kit-6 d-kit-7 d-kit-8 d-kit-9 D_Kitchen_B4_1 D_Kitchen_B4_2 D_Kitchen_B4_3 D_Kitchen_B4_4 D_Kitchen_B4_5 D_Kitchen_B4_6